You’re frazzled. You’re a little stressed out. Your garage sale starts in just 24 hours. What are you forgetting? Our last-minute to-do list will (hopefully) help you remember those final items.

The day before your sale begins

  • Complete your garage sale setup and layout (get tips here)
  • Post any signage inside your sale area, such as pricing signs, or signs with item details
  • Cover or move not-for-sale items (planters, garden hoses, etc.) from your yard and garage. Some folks prefer to tape sheets over or throw sheets over these items.
  • Promote your sale: take photos of your sale & post them on Facebook/Craigslist (see “Promoting your sale online” for details)
  • Gather plastic bags (for customers to take stuff home in)
  • Get change at the bank: 25 to 50 one dollar bills, a few fives and tens, at least one roll of quarters, and a handful each of dimes and nickels
  • Place directional signs. The best bet is to start at the nearest major intersection. Don’t forget the sign in your yard (IMPORTANT: review the Sign Rules so your signs aren’t kidnapped by the North Liberty sign police!)
  • Rope off any areas where you don’t want customers to go
  • If you have kids you’ll need to entertain during the sale, plan activities for them (in other words, charge the iPad 🙂

Morning of your sale

These are “day-of” items you should do either the night before or the morning your sale starts.

  • Set up a table or box for shopping bags and newspapers so customers can wrap fragile items
  • Pack your apron or fanny pack with your change, a pen, and a small calculator
  • Park cars down the street (check the list for other sales on your street, and be kind and avoid the immediate vicinity of other sales!)
  • Charge your cell phone or grab your charger and make sure you can charge the phone in the garage
  • Put the final touches on your setup
  • Set out driveway items
  • Place furniture and other showy items nearest the street to attract customers
  • Put your bags, boxes, and newspapers next to your checkout area
  • Lock the house if appropriate (the last thing you want is someone sneaking in the front door while you’re in the garage, unable to see)

Good luck and have a great sale!

(Credit to The Spruce for some of these to-do-list items. See them all here.)