Garage Sale List Charts, Graphs, & Tables

*When the list opens for 2024 on May 1, 2024, we’ll update this page to include 2024 data.*

Need to plan ahead to ask off from work so you can snag some awesome deals? The charts below will give you a better idea of when sales are happening.

The charts on this page update auto-magically when a new sale is submitted. Neat, huh?

Already submitted your sale, but want to change your open/close times? Find out how.

2023 List Stats

2023 Sales Submitted

2023 Live Count: Sales by Day

2023 Sales by Neighborhood

2023 Sales by Day & Time

2022 List Stats

2022 Data: Sales Submitted

Number of Sales Submitted as of Today

Percent of Sales Accepting Venmo Payments

2022 Sales by Neighborhood

2022 Live Count: Sales by Day

2022 Popular Hours

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