North Liberty Citywide Garage Sales
An epic annual shopping event in the big little city of North Liberty, Iowa

2020 Event Details

When: June 11-13 (Thursday through Saturday).
Where: North Liberty, Iowa

Where to get the list of sales

Everything shoppers need to know is on the Get the List page. The list will be available for download June 10 around 12PM.

How to get your garage sale on the list

We’ll open up the list for submissions in late May 2020. It’s just $5 to add your sale to the list, no matter how long your listing description is. Payment is by credit card (don’t worry; we use a 100% secure payment system).

Find details on the Sell Your Stuff page. And be sure to check out Garage Sale 101, where you’ll find do’s & don’ts to have a stellar (and profitable!) garage sale. Deadline to submit: Wednesday June 10 at 6AM sharp.

How many sales will there be?

Go to the List Stats page to see real-time info about this year’s list.

The number of sales in past years:

  • 2015: 154 sales
  • 2016: 187 sales
  • 2017: 216 sales
  • 2018: 202 sales
  • 2019: 206 sales


Official Sponsor

"This was my first year having a garage sale and I'm so glad I added my home to the list. My items were very age and gender specific, and it was nice to get shoppers who knew what I had ahead of time. My house isn't visible from the road, so the list was a big help."

– Happy Seller, June 2018

"The Excel list was AMAZING. I had limited time to shop, so being able to filter by sales that had items I was interested in made for a very successful few hours. The time and talent spent organizing this event is evident and so appreciated!"

– Happy Shopper, June 2018

"Being able to look through the lists and find items I was specifically looking for was extremely easy!"

– Happy Shopper, June 2018

"I loved that I could get my sale on the list for free. I didn't have to spend anything to advertise!"

– Happy Seller, June 2018

"My favorite part of the sales is the community spirit. It was fun to know everyone was doing the garage sales at the same time and seeing neighbors do it together."

– Happy Shopper, June 2018

"I bought a year's worth of clothing for my two toddlers for under $150! Amazing."

– Happy Shopper, June 2018

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