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This year’s Master List will have lots of great tools for shoppers to find exactly what they’re after.

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The North Liberty Citywide Garage Sales List will be released June 6, 2018

We’ll post the Master List of Sales on this webpage. Read on for details.

When to get it

The Master List will be available for download from this site on Wednesday, June 6th, by 9:00 a.m.

Where to get it

We’ll post a link to download list here, on this website. It’ll be nice and big so you can’t miss it.

We’ll also share it in several of the local Facebook “garage sale” groups and in the North Liberty Mamas group. The City of North Liberty will share it on their Facebook page too.

How to get a printed copy

You can get a printed copy of the list at Alphagraphics for just $1.00. Pick up your copy Monday-Friday 7:30 am to 5:30 pm at 1325 Kennel Court in NL. (Our gratitude to Alphagraphics for their support, and the discount!)

There isn’t a free printed copy option. That’s because the garage sales are a 100% volunteer effort, run by community members who donate their time. If you’re interested in providing financial support so we can afford to print the list, please email us!

What’s in the list

  • Address (they’ll be organized by neighborhood; see neighborhood map above)
  • Hours/days each sale is open
  • Description of items for sale

Sample listing:

Categories: Sellers are also asked to select basic categories of items they’ll sell. For example, categories might include ‘Clothing: Girl 2T-5T,’ Housewares, Lawn & Garden, Baby Toys/Games, Electronics, or Books/Music/Movies. This way shoppers can easily find certain types of items, and sellers won’t have to write novel-length descriptions. The categories are not included on the PDF version of the master list (there’s not enough room), but they will be in the Excel document version and the Google map of sales.

Lists for each day

In 2016, when I was out garage sale-ing, I kept spotting sales on the list that I wanted to visit, but they wouldn’t be open that day. That inspired me to create not only a big list with all sales, all days—but also four separate downloadable lists for each day. For example, a Thursday Sales list, a Friday Sales list, et cetera.

In what format will the download be?

The Master List will be available as a printable PDF and a downloadable Excel spreadsheet, so you can geek out and customize your own list of sales to visit. Sweet!

Google Map of Sales

When the Master List is posted, we’ll update the map below with the 2018 sales, including full descriptions, no later than 9:00 a.m. on June 6, 2018. You can open the map on your mobile phone to look at it on the go. Click the box icon in the upper right corner of the map to open it in your phone’s Maps app, or you can open the map in your browser.

SHOPPER TIP: Search the map for items you’re looking for, like “crib” or “antiques”.

There will be multiple layers — one for all days, and one for each individual day. Go to the map legend to turn the layers on and off.